Established in 1999, under the tutelage of Mr.Vicky Mahendru, Precious Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is flagship company of the
Heaton Group, has been one of the pioneers in Technical Consulting for Jewellery Manufacturing in India. With
strong support teams for Customer Service, Business Development and Technical support, Precious Alloys has
been a trusted business partner for a large number of local jewellery manufacturers as well as jewellery
exporters. Our strength lies in our robust knowledge bank developed through the experience garnered over the
years in this sector backed by an enthusiastic and educated team.
We ensure superior service and excellent customer satisfaction by incorporation of technology in all aspects like
Sales and Service, Inventory Management and Transactions Processing and with ERP solutions from SAP, we
guarantee a more than delightful service.
We aim to emerge as an end-to-end manufacturing solutions provider, drawing inspiration and guidance from our
overseas Principals and from the active support of our team. We take challenges in our stride and endeavour to
create benchmarks in providing, ‘best-fit’ solutions to our clients’ needs of ‘efficient manufacturing’. We strive to
maintain a focussed approach and ensure the expansion of our scope, far beyond the realms of basic trading
activities – delivering only the highest quality products, complete manufacturing solutions, productivity
improvement projects and various other services through our in-depth industry knowledge.
Our choices, our actions and our products express who we really are. Combining technology and innovative spirit,Precious Alloys confirms its creative modern approach to the evolution of jewellery, providing the right answers to the production process needs of its customers.
The centre of the GROUP activity is the ongoing quest for Quality in terms of constant innovation which takes the form of investment, attention to training, numerous laboratory analyses and tests, listening to the needs of the market.